The Folded Soul Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I cannot tie the relationship between us with what we are reading in any way. It seems as if the material we are reading is hanging in the air and has nothing to do with me. How can I tie it to myself?

Answer: At the moment, you are not feeling any connection with the material you are reading because you are not connected to the friends, to any of them. The moment you start to bestow upon someone, you will immediately understand what a Partzuf (spiritual organism), a Tzimtzum (restriction of desire), and a Masach (anti-egoistic screen) are, how to calculate with the intention to bestow, how you are connected with others through the spiritual Partzufim, and what is referred to by Ibur (conception), Yenika (nursing), and Mochin (maturity).

What is the meaning of begetting someone? I beget my attitude toward someone else. When I beget all my attitudes toward all the others, it means that I beget all the Partzufim of my Malchut, of my desire.

I beget all the Partzufim from the bottom upward, from my Malchut (desire to receive) to Keter (desire to give) of the world of Infinity. This ascent is made of ten Sefirot, and I have to beget my relationships toward the whole world within them.

How can I feel the entire world and all the people? It’s simple. The closer I get to the spiritual system, the more clearly I discover the network of connections before me. It even is said about our corporeal relationships that through six people we know, we can connect to the rest of the world. That is, we see that this is possible.

In the spiritual world, you will feel as if everyone is actually by your side. It is hard to grasp, but all of humanity is by your side. You will connect with each one, not indirectly like in our world where we discover that through six people, we can come in contact with everyone, but directly, with everyone.

It isn’t like our body in which there is a certain order and system of connections. By bestowing upon each part of the spiritual body, I connect with each one directly, like a point on a sheet of paper, folded several times, is glued closely to all the other points. I connect with everyone and bestow upon everyone, by creating the Partzufim.

Astrophysicists actually are discovering that our universe exists in this “folded” form.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/2011, TES

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  1. I have heard of this structure, and i know it as a torus. It seems from my limited point of view it acts similar to the structure of the upper light, and acts as a good visual metaphor.

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