A Rich Poor Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is nothing besides the four phases of the Direct Light. But in order to detail them, we need the whole creation that was brought into existence under them.

Malchut of the world of Infinity decides that it must reach adhesion because it cannot bear the separation. It is full of Light, and on the part of the Light, the Creator, this is perfection. But Malchut discovers the exact opposite.

It’s just like a poor man who comes to his rich friend. The rich man gives him everything from the bottom of his heart. But the poor man still feels inferior because he isn’t the one who earned all that, and he cannot return his friend’s kindness in any way.

When he receives the treats, he pleases the rich man, but he isn’t the who has created this situation. If nothing changed except that all of it came from him, he would receive everything. He would receive and enjoy in exact same way. So what is the difference?

The difference is that he, himself, has to create this situation. Therefore, he has to leave the present state and then return to it independently.

This is exactly what happens in Malchut of the world of Infinity. It has everything except this extra part. There is full adhesion on the part of the Light, but it has to go through restrictions and through the process of development, in order to reach the same state. However, then the poor man will want it himself!

The poor man will remain poor, and he will want to receive from the rich man, to adhere to him, to depend on him, and to enjoy what he receives from him. The poor man must reconstruct this situation to the last detail. Otherwise, if he doesn’t go back to the exact state, he will hurt the rich friend, the Creator.

The only addition is my agreement to everything that You have created before, but now I reach it on my own. I do it myself! Then neither indigence, nor the weakness of the desire, nor the lowliness of the created being is a flaw. The poor man comes back to the same situation, a situation in which he has nothing, and everything comes to him from the rich man’s table. However, now it isn’t humiliation anymore but an honor.

Nothing changes in the situation between the two, except for the fact that a person shows how much he agrees with everything!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/2011, TES

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