Don’t Listen To The Spies And Just Move Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe stages of the development of the desire are often called “spies.” A person is under the influence of the Light and feels frustration and weakness; he is in disagreement with the Light, its program, and with his own goal. He is displeased with his desire, natural qualities, and the help the Light gives him. He gets to a state where all power is taken from him.

However, these impressions are necessary for our desire to determine what it lacks to become similar to the Light because inside of the desire, naturally, there is no independent power or mind. There is nothing but a reaction to the Light. The desire to receive is built like an imprint of the Light. Everything that exists in the Light is absent in the desire, meaning that the desire is nothing more than “absence.”

However, the Light exists; it is “existence.” Thus, the entire abundance, all that the desire to receive acquires, is the attainment of the difference between “existence” and “absence.” Something that it lacks in order to add to itself is called a Masach (screen) that the desire uses to reach the degree of the Light.

However, the spies revealed within us, who curse creation, the Creator, and the desire to receive created by Him, are the states that help us advance. We just have to try to gain strength with the help of the group, the environment. Advancing together with them, we overcome the spies.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/2011, Writings of Rabash

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