What Is Homeopathy?

571.04Question: What is homeopathy?

Answer: There is nothing special about homeopathy. These are the same forces that exist in matter only at its more hidden levels. You seem to use not the properties of matter itself, but the properties of those forces that determine its chemical composition.

Let’s say gold, copper, lead, or some plants, or some liquids are used to make homeopathic medicines, it does not matter what they are made of. By homeopathic dilution of substances, one draws strength from these materials and uses them. In general, it is not the substance itself that is used, but its power.

It is a very good thing to give the body an opportunity to work with those substances with which it cannot cope on its own. For example, I cannot give the body any poison, but in homeopathy, I can do it.

And there are very interesting combinations. Let’s say for depression, homeopathy prescribes Aurum (Au-gold), its power, because depression mainly derives from greed.

The main cure for infertility and other female problems is Sepia. This is the fluid that accumulates in a frog when its sac swells.

For overactive, demanding male workaholics, Nux Vomica is used.

These materials are good because they impact the system of human energies also by forces and not by matter.

Usually, when treatment is carried out with the help of chemicals, it is necessary to prescribe a lot of drugs to impact the nervous system or other internal systems of a person, not material but already on a different level.

And here, you act precisely by force against force: you add, correct, give the body a challenge, or, conversely, help it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is Homeopathy?” 9/8/12

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