From Sphere to Sphere

294.2Question: If I had known in advance all the processes, confusion, and seemingly wrong movements that I would have to go through to implement some dissemination project, I would hardly have taken it up. Is a person specifically given such concealments so that he makes efforts?

Answer: Of course. If you only knew what lies ahead of you! Our world is not a big deal, but all the other degrees are not even possible to describe.

Our world is just a small dot, and still there are great galactic distances in it. All these are incredible forces. Only by qualitative ascent from the inanimate level to the vegetative, animate, and human levels can we overcome them, not by spreading in breadth, but by spreading upward.

You immediately move from the inanimate corporeal level to the vegetative level; that is, you immediately dismiss the entire universe; you do not need it. Only on Earth vegetation exists, and only on Earth the animal world exists, and only on Earth are people from whom you immediately move into the next dimension, the upper world. That is, you sort of pierce the shells and so go from sphere to sphere.

Comment: Although this is not an easy path, it still leaves certain feelings in a person that are more valuable than the confusions in which he was in before.

My Response: Confusions are also components. They are the ones that organize your vessel. Without them, you cannot understand or receive anything.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Personal Benefit” 9/8/12

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