What Restricts Us from Knowing the Creator?

509Comment: Your teacher Rabash writes in one of his articles that the Klipa (shell or peel) is “the will to receive in order to receive, and this separates a person from the Creator. He feels that he is the master of his destiny and there is no other power in the world except himself.”

My Response: The will to receive in order to receive is inherent in man from the beginning. He is born with this desire. A newborn child comes into this world with tightly clenched fists as if he wants to take the whole world for himself. Yet, when man dies, on the contrary, his hands are limp.

Question: Is the will to receive in order to receive the shell that restricts me from knowing the Creator?

Answer: Yes. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that what you receive is for the benefit of others—and only for that.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/21/22

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