Scrutiny of the Request to the Creator

161When reading The Zohar, it is essential by all possible means and most importantly in your thoughts, to clarify for yourself that now you are entering the office where you will ask and you will receive, but on condition that your request is correct.

It is desirable for a person to perceive that he is given the opportunity to enter and say only one phrase. And if with this phrase you fail to awaken the one in this office, on whom your whole fate depends, then you lose this opportunity and you will not get another one.

If a person stays in such a sensation, even if he gets opportunities again and again, it can somehow help him.

That is why, it is necessary to know:

  1. All the changes that we should first of all desire are the changes in the direction of bestowal and love for your neighbor and from them to love for the Creator.
  2. These changes are realized in us only by an upper force that can influence us and make them; only on condition that we desire them, as much as we can desire, from the lowest level toward the highest. After all, we do not yet understand these changes and do not want them one hundred percent because these changes are toward bestowal and love for your neighbor. But as much as I am given and with all my might I strive. I must believe that if my request will be correct, immediately these changes will come true and will be realized in me.

Therefore, we must form such a picture for ourselves in which we are constantly present, and while reading The Book of Zohar we should stay on the edge of the request, prayer, worship, or plea so that even if we do not reach the true request, then due to this plea, as in the prayer before the prayer, we hope that our request will take the right form; meaning, I do not know how to ask Him, so I ask Him to help me to know how to ask.

I can’t tell Him, “I am asking, but I don’t know how and You do it!” No, it will not work that way. He cannot do this, my request must be correct in any case, because otherwise I have nowhere to receive a correction.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/12, The Book of Zohar “Bereshit”

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