Give Me What You Wish For Me!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar was intended not for us to study it, but rather for us to demand correction from it. In makes no difference where a person is, in what situation or mood, how much he understands, and what his attitude to life is. It doesn’t matter what kind of person he is. If he opens the book, he should ask for some clarification, for advancement. One asks for understanding, and another, possibly, for a better life.

We have to understand that this is all not very important in comparison to the request to attain the goal. But I don’t know what the goal is. Just like it is in life: If I were able to read The Zohar when I was two years old, I could have asked for something good that may have seemed like the goal of life to me. But what would I have asked for, some toy?

This means that I don’t have to ask according to my desire: to feel good, happy, or the opposite. Grown ups for example, eat something and enjoy it. For me it is sour or salty, but they enjoy it. They do things that I don’t see any pleasure in and don’t understand why they want it in the first place, and so on.

If we are talking about the true state that I should attain, neither actions, nor fulfillments, nor any other criteria help me decide what to ask for. Kabbalists say that by reading The Book of Zohar you can ask for whatever you want. But I don’t even know what I want because I would rather not have these desires. Yet I have no choice.…

A person must approach the reading of The Zohar with a request for what the book itself wants to bring him. This is surely the right thing to do. It’s like being a smart baby who understands that he should ask to be a grown up, clever, strong, healthy, and successful, according to how The Zohar sees it.

So let us try to ask for this, and let The Book of Zohar do whatever it wants with us!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/2011The Zohar

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  1. the goal is to live in harmony with the laws of creation,meaning that we should create even our physical world in harmony with the laws of creation,cause and counseqvence refers even to our physical world,this is the meaning for us to attain the knowledge which is required for us to make it real,this is the reason we should attain the wisdom all of us in this world,other vise there is absolutely no need to attain the wisdom of our creator,as he did create us to delight us with the most pleasure and love,attaining the sixth sense makes it possible for us to make it real,nothing else will help us….but the humanity must have a very great will to learn,this is going to take some time,our physical reality is going to push us and give us will to learn and change,because at the end we all of us are going to realize that we have no other choisse than the path of truth,and that there is indeed no other method known to us than the method of kabbalah,,,

  2. Hi,

    I am reading the Zohar, and I see it constantly refers back to parts of the Torah and other Kabbalist texts.

    Should I be combining the readings of the Zohar with the others (e.g. Torah)?

    Also, I am in Switzerland and I would like to join a group to better understand how to reach te goal faster through this learning.

    Any advice?

    kind regards


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