Revenge Is a Treat for Egoism

515.02Comment: Revenge is a thing a person is ready to devote his whole life to.

My Response: Revenge is the biggest treat for egoism.

There is no greater pleasure for egoism than the triumph over another egoism that humiliated it that now it pays back a hundredfold, and thereby proves its victory, its superiority, and its triumph.

This is the most pleasant thing for our ego and, I would say, the most opposite of the spiritual. It is very difficult to do anything against this. The feeling of revenge subconsciously sits in us.

From above, someone will be specially chosen for you who will annoy you and prick your ego. All the time, you will inevitably come back to imagining all kinds of scenes of this person’s humiliation and your triumph over him where he will come and admit his insignificance, his mistake, in front of you.

And only serious work on oneself can partially correct this and somehow, soften it.

Comment: But any hero in a story must ultimately win, gain the upper hand, prove his case, and take revenge, etc.

My Response: This is the American “happy ending.”

Question: How should this be in our spiritual development?

Answer: We must accept it all as coming from the Creator and not from some person. It is the Creator who sets us up; it is He who teaches us such a lesson through someone and we must love this someone, this subject, and get along with him. When evil manifests, deal with the Creator.

But it’s not easy! This is actually a very serious problem.

Question: So it manifests itself when a person sees some kind of malice, a flaw in a friend?

Answer: Yes, the Creator does this on purpose in this vast theater of life, and we each must understand that all of humanity are parts of our soul and the fact that I see them opposite to myself is only because I do not want to connect with them; I do not yet understand that these are my integral parts. That is, the problem is with me.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Take Revenge on the Enemy” 5/24/13

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