How to Deal with the Main Enemy

629.3Comment: Psychologists say that aggression is a part of a person that one cannot get rid of.

My Response: Yes. There is no way.

Comment: They say that its origins are in the animalistic past of humans.

My Response: In egoism.

Question: Psychologists say that aggression comes from the desire of living beings, animals, and humans to survive. Does it mean that aggression appears when there is hunger, fear, or war?

Answer: It generally appears every moment in life. This is the basis of a human being. Every moment of my life I have to overcome something.

Question: Can aggression be directed toward peaceful purposes? Everyone understands about non-peaceful purposes. What about peaceful purposes?

Answer: Toward peaceful purposes means against myself.

Question: So is aggression currently directed from myself outward? Are you saying that this vector needs to be turned on myself?

Answer: Slowly, little by little, I somehow have to turn it on myself.

Question: Does it mean that aggression exists so that I can slowly turn it on myself?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Against what am I directing aggression within myself? What should I attack in myself?

Answer: The fact that I would like to attack others is inherent in me.

But if I want to turn it against myself, then this is a real fight with myself, a fight within which the quality of bestowal, the quality of connection with others, is built.

Question: So does it mean that I am attacking this very “I” of mine? My “I” that affirms itself?

Answer: Your “I” is hatred of others, the desire to dominate others. If you change it to the opposite desire, if you realize that it is impossible to remain in such a quality, then you receive instead the quality of bestowal and love, a spiritual quality.

Question: So, is aggression toward myself good? From bad—aggression toward others—it turns into aggression toward myself, and this is good. Is this why it exists?

Answer: Yes. Then you really start treating yourself as an enemy. And this is good.

Comment: Humanity should try very hard.

My Response: It will be trying hard; it will have no choice. There will be such suffering that people will want this.

Question: Only enemies are around for humanity. Everyone feels that only enemies are around. But you say that the enemies are inside you. This formula is clear to me. But can it enter into the mind and into the heart of a person?

Answer: If you understand this, others will understand it too.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/30/22

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