How the Picture of the World Appears to Us

546.02Question: Once we were all connected. This quality of unity began to gradually disappear. Did we finally stop feeling these connections?

Answer: In fact, the loss of the feeling of connection occurs only with respect to us, the created beings, and the states in which we exist.

We even see from our world how we feel the world according to the circumstances and qualities we are in. Sometimes it seems to us surprisingly kind, bright, full, and beautiful, and sometimes absolutely the opposite.

Such a change of qualities within us practically displays to us the world in accordance with our qualities. Therefore, if we want to truly experience the world, we must consist of all the opposite qualities. This is our spiritual development. This is what we have to come to.

The connection of opposites is the law of dialectics, and both qualities must be connected within us. One is in the form of a great egoistic desire, the second is in the form of a restriction in this desire and the quality of bestowal and love, which is opposite to egoistic desire.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 9/4/22

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