Helping Yourself to Be Born Spiritually

562.02Question: If we open the curtain and remove all the tinsel that people are attracted to, if we completely take away everything that they chase all their lives, then what is left in their lives? People need some goal, don’t they?

Answer: Then you would have to clean out this entire world and leave only the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and humans. You need to let this person live in a calm way, sustaining existence in his body while directing everything else to the connection between people so he would start sensing the upper world in this connection, the true nature, true forces.

Once he enters the sensation of the upper world, he will lose the sensation of the lower layers: the inanimate, vegetative, and animate. This world, this cosmos. will disappear for him since all of this exists only in his still immature consciousness.

A person will rise to the level of forces. It is the only thing that exists rather than what is depicted in the form of some images: here is a wall, here is a table, and so forth. He will see that all this does not exist because it does not exist in the world of forces.

These are all configurations of forces in relation to my animal senses. When I rise to the level of other senses, the senses of forces, then all of these will disappear. This is why the word “Olam” (world) comes from the word “Neelam (disappearing).”

Overall, this is what we have to do. Why should we vegetate at this level when we already can rise to the next one? After all, there is nothing worse than this world! Why would we stay?

When you stay here beyond the time needed for your maturation and ascent, then you begin to live through dreadful times. We become an overripe fruit, like a fetus that exceeds its term in the mother’s womb. This is very dangerous for us.

Now we will start experiencing such forces—just hold on! They will be pressing on us in order to push us out, to birth us at the next level. We have to help them ourselves!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How Сonsciousness Сhanges from Kabbalah” 3/8/13

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