A New Stage in Human Development

214Our time is an amazing time! This is a completely different stage in human development. We are explaining to people that we have nowhere to go. We are all against a single nature that affects us.

Imagine that some evil spaceship, a huge flying saucer, came to Earth, like in Hollywood movies, and is hovering over and covering it. Right now we are under just such a saucer.

So what can you do about it? We live in a world where all of nature seriously pressures us and is forcing us to become mutually connected like itself. That is all we are talking about.

To the extent we are heard, we see progress in education, in the upbringing of not only children but also adults, in all kinds of corrections, in changing views on the world, in the mitigation of all kinds of problems. We see it all!

And to the extent that it is not so easy for people to agree with this, to accept it, and to start thinking about it, problems arise between them, clashes of rigidity, which also reveal all this.

Time is working for us. We see how gradually the realization comes that we must unite after all.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, US Intelligence Agencies and Conspiracy” 3/10/13

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