What Determines Human Health?

703.04Question: Some scientists say that if reality is just a holographic illusion, then it cannot be argued that consciousness is a function of the brain. What really is consciousness?

Answer: Consciousness is not a function of our brain. Consciousness is part of energy, matter, information, and properties I receive when I connect to the general information volume. That is, this is what is formed in me when I am connected to the general volume.

Comment: Scientists believe that this transformational change of our views of biological structures allowed researchers to learn that medicine and healing processes can change under the influence of the holographic paradigm.

My Response: Absolutely. After all, our body is programmed. It is controlled by the very forces that we receive from outside. These forces carry all the information about the body as well as about its health. If we correctly connect to the external information, then our body is healed. Conversely, incorrect connection causes all the diseases.

Comment: Some scientists also say that the apparent physical structure of the body is but a holographic projection of consciousness, it becomes clear that each of us is much more responsible for our health than current medical wisdom allows. Similarly, controversial new healing techniques such as visualization may work  well because, in the holographic domain of thought, images are ultimately as real as reality.

My Response: Of course. Unfortunately, modern medicine exists inside this consumer. In fact, we should think not about what we receive inside, but how we connect to the general information field. The quality of our connection with the external field is, in principle, responsible for the state of our health. We must be aligned with it!

This field is built only on the property of bestowal and love, like all of nature around us.

If we wish to create the same properties in us, then we will connect to it and begin to perceive its information completely unhindered. Thus, we will become absolutely healthy and will understand and feel the whole of creation, the whole of the universe. We will become as eternal and perfect as all nature.

And our desire to constantly separate, dismember, and compartmentalize everything only moves us away from health, eternity, and perfection, and does not allow us to see the true picture of the universe.

The result is all the crises we are experiencing. They are needed in order to push us to change our paradigm, to ensure that we correctly connect to this general field.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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