Spirituality Cannot Be Conveyed by the Language of Our World

137Question: Lurianic Kabbalah began to develop in the world in the 16th century and to this day is the basis of this wisdom. All Kabbalistic books written before, for example, the Tanakh, The Book of Zohar, the Talmud, etc. talk about one thing: how to balance your egoistic nature and reveal the Creator. What is special about the Lurianic Kabbalah?

Answer: The fact is that it is not easy to tell a person in our world about the Creator and His actions because it is a completely different world, different relationships, and different actions. All this is absolutely not what we observe and what we are used to in the corporeal world. This is absolutely incomparable with our qualities, actions, and thoughts, and therefore, it is difficult to retell something from the spiritual world in the language of our world.

The spiritual world is not like ours at all. It is a world not so much of thoughts but rather of intentions. And certainly not of physical actions. But how can this be communicated to a person?

Kabbalists of antiquity were already born with such a feeling and gradually developed in their feelings to a more general concept of where they are with their special qualities of bestowal, connection, love, and penetration into the hidden, secret forces of nature.

This is perhaps the hardest thing to explain. After all, people believe that in the form we are in now, we can feel the upper world. But how is it possible?

We experience the corporeal world through our five senses. If we had other sensory organs, we would get completely different impressions both about ourselves and about the world around us. Therein lies the problem.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/2/22

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