Is It Possible to Give Up This World?

423.01Comment: In one of the lessons, you said that the whole reality was created so that I could give it up.

Answer: That is right! Because your egoism shows you the true reality and demonstrates all your inner states so that you rise above them.

Question: We usually perceive life differently. Any person looks at this life as a way of existence. The Kabbalist’s task, on the contrary, is not to use this reality for his own sake. How is this possible?

Answer: The Kabbalist looks at everything revealed to him as the means to ascend.

In our world, a person treats everything from the point of view of how can I swallow it all? The Kabbalist on the contrary from how can I throw it all out of myself and rise above it? This is the use of our world, either one way or another.

For a Kabbalist, this world is needed only as a springboard to jump to the next one. An ordinary person wants to stay in it, live more comfortably, and that is it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. New Matrix” 2/2/13

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