Reshimo—A Gene of Spiritual Information

610.1Question: What are Reshimot (spiritual information) and what is recorded in them?

Answer: “Reshimot” comes from the word “recording – Reshima, Roshem.” It is what differentiates any desire from all other desires, any intention from all other intentions, either in the positive or negative direction. These recordings always remain included in the matter.

There is a matter with positive Reshimot and there is a matter with negative Reshimot. Based on these recordings, all kinds of matter correlate with one another; they connect and disconnect, approach one another, and distance from one another.

All states are recorded in them. It means that Reshimot allow a person to determine his state, where he is today: in the past, present, or in the future.

A Reshimo is a gene that carries a certain piece of spiritual information.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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