The Truth of the Spiritual Path

294.2Question: You have been practicing Kabbalah for more than thirty years. What is  the confirmation for you that you are on the right path, and this is the goal of your life? Maybe you are at the degree from where you draw confirmation that this is the truth?

Answer: Firstly, I draw confirmation from my spiritual attainment. Secondly, I am not just in doubt, but in search of the best implementation, a softer landing for humanity.

Baal HaSulam in his time traveled to Poland, published a newspaper, and wrote articles for a wide range of people about the method of correcting a person and entering the next degree. But he wrote it in a special way that was accepted a hundred years ago. And I write in a general, more or less understandable way for all people.

I am sure that I am acting correctly based on the degree that I am attaining and from things I understand, this is first. Secondly, if someone came and helped me as a partner, I would be incredibly happy. But, unfortunately, I do not see ones willing or in attainment. In addition, I feel within me a connection with my great teachers, and I try as much as I can do it.

I cannot say that I am one hundred percent implementing everything I would like to do. I have to fight with myself over a lot of things; after all, I am also going through the next stages of elevation. Life goes along the middle line. Not along the right one, which is one hundred percent successful and filled with light, but also not along the left, egoistic one.

With the understanding of all my problems and all my imperfections, I still hope that the Creator has been leading me this way since I came to Rabash and even earlier. And that is how I am going. I have no problem accepting the mission He has entrusted to me.

Everyone has their own mission, and mine is like this. I am not making anything special out of it. After all, the Creator turns everything the way it is necessary for us, and in the end, He will lead us to what is necessary.

I am pleased that I received the opportunity to feel His actions within me: how He acts, how He compels me, and how He controls me from within me. It is a great pleasure for me when I feel what He is doing within me, and I work in unison with Him.

It is called adhesion when you have your own awareness, your own thoughts and feelings, and on the other hand, you feel that He is within you, and you are ready to be with Him.

This is not easy, this is against egoism, against all sorts of doubts and problems. But when you overcome this and feel that you are reaching the same movement, at the same pace, in the same direction in thoughts and feelings – this is, of course, the ultimate pleasure!

However, here as well we still have problems: do you do it in order to reach such a pleasure or for the sake of something else, higher than that. But from all this, a person feels the truth of his condition. It gives him strength.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Where is the Proof of the Truth of Kabbalah?” 2/6/13

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