Choosing The Sweet Bitterness Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe good and bad states are not defined according to the pleasure we feel from them. States can be good or bad either according to sensations or from the perspective of truth and falsehood. Every person who begins to develop his spiritual gene (the spark, Reshimo) perceives every state both ways.

According to his desire, a person perceives the state either as “sweet” or “bitter” because the desire is an “animal,” a simple matter. However, according to the spiritual spark, he perceives his state as true or false.

Further, everything depends on how important truth or bitterness is to us; it is more important to one person, less important to another. Our advancement depends on our ability to tolerate bitterness for the sake of the truth.

Let’s say that today, I can take ten pounds of bitterness and still I will hold to the truth. This means that I am ready to go forward. Tomorrow, I will be ready to take even fifteen pounds of bitterness. Bitterness means that it is against my nature, the desire to receive pleasure, as it happened during the last convention when we tried to connect and got scared, “Anything but this!”

However, when we know that the truth is in this connection and we want to rise over our bitterness, then we will be able to do it next time. We will be able to make a calculation according to truth and falsehood.

Even though I am not ready to connect, and it hurts and scares me to break my ego and rise over it, I still see that it is false, and I hate it. I can no longer remain in it.

So far, we do not have this hatred, but it will appear. Then we will break the impure shell, Klipa, and we will go on. We just need time to do this.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/10, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose

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