Transition to a New State

260.01There are stories in the Torah in which some bad characters are hung in trees. As a rule, they are hung because they did not deserve better.

We are talking about the fact that a person has exhausted the good attitude that he was probably supposed to receive from our world and he must be done away with. There is no more hope that he will do something good for people, and as a symbol of this, he is hung in a tree.

Comment: Kabbalists say that everything, even the most negative has some kind of meaning and purpose, but this is about destruction.

My Response: No, death or hanging in a tree is not yet the final destruction. Even if they burned him and scattered the ashes in the wind, it is still not the end. This is followed by the next stage—correction. For example: if water is heated, it can become gas; if it freezes, it becomes solid, it is transformed into another state. It is the same with death, it is just a different state, a correction.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/14/22

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