Overcoming the Point of Indifference

294.2If we could see how much we influence the fate of mankind with our personal subjective actions, how it goes toward the realization of the purpose of creation, then we, of course, would not be so indifferent, but we would understand the responsibility that each of us has. But without seeing, without understanding, and by not listening to the wishes of the Kabbalists, we let everything take its course and think that somehow everything will happen by itself if necessary. It turns out that we react completely incorrectly to the current events, and as a result, the following events that happen to us are even worse. Thus, the world gradually slips into more and more tragic circumstances.

If we could somehow overcome this point of indifference of not knowing the whole system and give each person an understanding that he influences his fate and the fate of others, and at least somehow make him feel responsible for the fate of the world and his own, then any smallest man among the multi-million population of a city, country, or continent, through his conscious participation, would have a very great influence in spirituality.

If this person could consciously participate, then indeed the world would be different every minute of its development, and people would become more and more consciously aware of the program of creation and the need to participate in it. By doing so, we would change our attitude toward life. It is very important to give each person the understanding that he can actively influence fate.

Question: Does a person always change when he is immersed in some kind of environment?

Answer: No, not always. But all the same, his knowledge about this, even the most passive, that he listened and left, still remains, subconsciously lives and develops in him like a seed thrown into the ground. It can stay there for some time, and then, under favorable conditions, will grow.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Impact of Football on a Person” 2/18/11

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