The Tree of Life From a Spiritual Point of View

243.05Question: Kabbalists very often used the term “tree” in their writings. It is clear that they were not writing about the tree as we understand this term in our world, but about the spiritual levels and states. What does the Tree of Life mean in relation to the spiritual development of a person?

Answer: The Tree of Life means that from the upper root, which is the Creator, a trunk and branches descend along which descend spiritual forces that nurture people, animals, and everything living in order to help them develop to the level where they become closer and closer to the Creator.

The vegetative world that emerges from the Creator exists in order to enable all living creatures and people to reach the level of the Creator.

From a spiritual point of view, the Tree of Life is an intermediate state between the upper Sefira Keter and the lower Sefira Malchut. That is why it exists to connect these two opposite categories: the Creator and the creation. In the form and to the extent that creation wants to become like the Creator, they receive this opportunity and unite with the Creator.

Comment: Very often, the Tree of Life is depicted in the form of a drawing with roots at the top and branches at the bottom.

My Response: Naturally, because the root is the Creator, and the branches are already lower, as cause and effect. The cause is always in the upper world and its effects are reflected in our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/14/22

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