In a Closed Integrated System

264.01Comment: Scientists wonder how the instantaneous transmission of information is carried out. The concept of time in communication between cells disappears; therefore, researchers say that the paradigm of transmission by the nervous system is incorrect since the impulse rate of the nervous system is very small. Here everything happens instantly.

They face a problem that, in principle, they cannot explain, and tend to consider it a wave transmission of information.

My Response: There are many theories on this topic. But none of them will give an explanation anyway, even with the help of waves because waves are time, length, and frequency. We will not be able to get out of this problem.

But, as scientists guess, it looks like a holographic picture of the world when it is all in one volume. The system is absolutely closed, integral, and analog in which absolutely everything is connected to each other out of time, that is, time is zero.

There is practically no space between all the objects. And we feel them as existing at some distance from each other, as interacting in some kind of wave, time process. In fact, there is none of this. Distance, time, movement, interaction, all this is superimposed on one single integral picture of nature by our egoistic perception.

When I look at an object, I begin to divide it into parts with my egoism, to see the distance between these parts, to paint the connection between objects. That’s how I perceive it because that’s how I’m built.

And if I were arranged in the same way as this object, integral, global, and located outside of my egoism that divides everything and treats everything from the position of how much closer or further away from me the object is, and how much more useful or harmful this or that phenomenon is to me, then I would not share anything.

I would perceive these objects as one whole, and I would have no distance between them, no time, no movement, no transmission of information, and everything would be instantaneous, in one place.

That is, it all depends on the person. And until he corrects himself to an integral system, he will not be able to correctly perceive the system of nature, because it is integral.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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