Ask, Shout, Demand!

239Question: It is very difficult for us to break through all the actions and external forms to the feeling of one inner heart, one soul. Physically, this is much more difficult to do than virtually. How can we enter into the feeling of one soul, one heart, and raise a prayer from it despite all external actions?

Answer: Only if everyone makes more and more efforts and asks the Creator to remove all the distances and barriers between us. This, in principle, is the prayer – the biggest, most correct, most clear, when we ask the Creator to return us to our original state after we fell into egoism. He purposely created the ego. That’s why He says: “I created egoism and gave you a method of correcting it.”

We need Him to teach us how to use the method of correction correctly so that we remove the egoism that He created on purpose and will be able to fully reveal the Creator between us! We will try.

Question: We should all ask for the same thing. We must have a general picture of this condition. What exactly should we ask for?

Answer: What each one depicts for himself, do not be afraid, ask, shout, demand, and pray. The Creator accepts everything. Because, as you will later feel, it is He who gives you the opportunity to turn this request to Him. The Creator puts the prayer in our mouths.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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