Predisposition to Universal Unity

437Question: Do Jews have a genetic predisposition?

Answer: No. They have only a predisposition to universal unity in order to conquer the upper world. They left ancient Babylon on this basis.

This predisposition exists in their descendants, who are just souls, and the same soul goes through many, many bodies. This is the incarnation of the souls. For example as a Jew, I existed in all states, from ancient Babylon to my current incarnation. I went through all these lives.

I even know my incarnations: Spanish, German, and Eastern European, right up to the present moment. All this I feel perfectly and reveal. The same applies to all current genetic Jews.

Furthermore, even after their settlement from Babylon throughout the earth, desire was still developing also in the nations of the world. Today there are many such people who also have a predisposition to spiritual development, and they join us. They are absolutely identical to those of us who came from ancient Babylon, even though they have not been near us during the whole 3,700 years. It does not matter. The inner desire for correction and for elevation to the spiritual world acts in them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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