Methodology of Salvation

254.02Question: In the past, Kabbalists performed a very strong connection in a small group and it has been fruitful for the entire world. Why now is it so important to pass this methodology through the masses?

Answer: Everything that happened before us in the world, in the modern global Babylon, happened in the form of preparation of personnel, theory, methodology, and universal integral connection of people.

Now the time has come to implement it. Therefore, there is a great difference in the work of Kabbalists in the past centuries compared to what is happening today. Now Kabbalists should go out to the masses and explain to humanity what the methodology of connection is that will save the world.

In fact, this methodology is intended not for the sake of saving the world, but for the sake of elevating humanity to the next degree, but people do not know about this, do not want to know, and do not understand this. Nature, the Creator, has set the task for us to ascend to the next degree, to become united, to become similar to Him, but you cannot explain this to a person.

It is clear to him that when a stick pursues him from behind, he must run away. And we want to show him a carrot ahead instead of that stick: “A beautiful good life awaits you, let’s strive for it!” After all, you can run away in any direction, in 360 degrees, and they will all be bad. Instead, you show him that it is necessary to go precisely to connection, not to run away, but to strive! This is a completely different system, a completely different methodology, a completely different attitude to the world and to life.

Firstly, it gives you hope, shows you the future state, how to reach it, by what forces, and so on. All the leaders sitting in the government are running away from this, they do not know where and how. “Let’s chop this, push that, let’s not do this!” which means they act without any understanding.

If they understood the future state of the world, they would see that by starting again to play confrontation among them they are committing hara-kiri for themselves and their countries. But none of them hears it. Look what they do to people, what hatred they cause in neighboring fraternal nations!

Therefore, to show a carrot ahead, something sweet and kind, is not like pushing people to a bomb shelter, but on the contrary, to a meadow, together! I believe that the problem is still with us, I never blame the world itself. If we made more efforts, we could still be heard on the Internet.

We need to create a unified good team and purposefully carry out serious advertising through the Internet and explain the methodology of connection, its necessity, the urgency of the need for it all over the world, anywhere, under any formations, from slave-owning to capitalist and the most modern ones. This is what we need to do.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Methodology of Salvation” 5/4/14

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