Salvation is in Unity

962.3If we understand that our salvation is in unity, then everything will be fine. If not, nature will punish us long and painfully until we agree. And we will agree because we have nowhere else to go; we really do not like it when it hurts.

We will be hit by hurricanes, snowstorms, droughts, volcanic explosions, all kinds of upheavals. Suddenly some small emergency will occur and, for example, communications will be stopped. And why do we need communication, egoists that we are? And then again, maybe it will be turned on again. In general, there are means to influence us.

As a result, we will come to the point that we will inevitably be forced to work on ourselves, and even to do it willingly, with a song. Everything depends only on the amount of suffering that we will have to endure. Then we will ascend to the next degree.

However, we can ascend to it only with two forces, not just with one egoistic force of nature, which has constantly developed us and pushed us forward, but also with the altruistic one, which is paired with it, like the right and left lines, so that we use them together as a middle line. But this is already for those who are studying the method of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Organic Food” 10/21/09

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