Coincidence or Design

 202Question: Academic Vernadsky wrote that he was aware that he was destined to disclose to humanity new knowledge about living matter.

To what extent should each person reveal their mission in relation to the general system? There are scientists who somehow perceive and feel this.

Answer: In principle, each person should fully discover their purpose. One must ascend through the material world toward the point of origin of our world, our universe, then to the spiritual worlds and pass through them from the bottom up to reach the highest and very first point from which the evolution of creation started, from the spiritual and then material.

Question: Is it possible to say that the root of a person determines the kind of occupation in which he should be engaged, his profession, and everything else?

Answer: Absolutely everything. There is nothing that is not predefined. Everything comes from above. From some point emerges our universe and everything that exists on it.

Today we understand that there is a huge amount of information, private and common laws, and energy that are tied between each other, intertwined in billions of all kinds of physical, chemical, and biological subsystems. But they all represent one single sphere.

Is it possible that something will appear by chance or all of a sudden? Only because it escapes our attention and we do not understand the cause-and-effect development, the origin of something, we say that it is by chance in relation to us.

But later after some time, we discover the reason, nature, and origin of this phenomenon or object, the causal chain of development. And therefore, this randomness ceases to be random, it becomes logical and we can use it and see its analogy on other levels.

That is, in essence nothing in nature can appear from nothing. There are no coincidences. Even the statistics that we use, probability theory, we use only because we cannot see the full picture and we are unable to calculate all the possibilities.

Actually, none of this exists in nature. As Einstein was saying, “God does not play dice.” This is truly so. And we play dice because we see a small picture, which is let’s say 70% truthful.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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