Zionism and Kabbalah

937Question: Everyone knows that Zionism is a Jewish national movement that sets the goal of unity and rebirth of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Kabbalah is a method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world. What is the connection between them?

Answer: They have one goal: to gather the Jewish people on this land so that in connection with each other they reach such spiritual qualities that the Creator is revealed within them. And the Creator will be revealed to all the nations of the world through them.

Comment: Zionism does not have a goal to reveal the Creator, but only to unite the people on the land.

My Response: Zionism is a corporeal condition. Kabbalah is, in a way, the next stage, when everyone will begin to unite with each other no matter under what pretext, and they will feel the result it gives.

In principle, Kabbalists can be called Zionists, like Rav Kook and Baal HaSulam who consciously came here to unite the nation.

We are obligated to try and gather all the people here and unite them so that people feel that they are one nation. The mission of the people of Israel is to reach the revelation of the Creator through their unity so that then this revelation will be manifested through us to all people in the world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/26/22

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