Humans Are Electrolytes

707Question: Scientists claim that the electromagnetic field of the Earth is the only field that has memory. To what extent do we, as humans, influence this field? And why is the influence of the electromagnetic field of the Earth on all living beings so enormous?

Answer: Do you know who we are? We are a small container inside of which there are electrolytes, i.e., a polar liquid that changes under the influence of a magnetic, electrical, or no matter what kind of, field. If a person is placed in a magnetic field, then his internal dipoles will begin to move in accordance with this field.

All the latest medical devices, tomographs, etc. are based on the study of our internal organs through a magnetic field. In this way, we can really make a big step forward in diagnostics.

A person is like a plastic bag inside which there is a chemical solution and nothing else. Therefore, electric and magnetic fields affect us incredibly strongly. We change instantly. If you put me next to a strong magnet, you can erase my memory like on a computer.

You can change my poles to plus or minus, and all my reactions will go in some other direction.

You can interfere with anything. My heart and my brain run on electrical impulses. Even the heart itself, its matter, its so-called “flesh,” has such an artificial property that it generates electrical impulses on its own and can restart itself.

That is, we are in fact electrolytes in which all kinds of electrochemical reactions take place. How can we be free from the effect of electromagnetic fields? They are the most important thing for us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Pole Inversion” 5/15/11

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