The Creator Is the Basic Force of Nature

761.2Question: “Does God exist?”

Answer: No, there is no God. There is nature with its eternal laws, and the main basic force of nature we call  “the Creator” because nature creates. Among other things, it also created us.

We are inside nature, we are part of it. But not in the way it seems to us that supposedly we can observe it from the outside and thus make some decisions outside of nature. We ourselves are a product of its work, and I would say, not the best one.

Yet, we are special, because we can see, observe, make decisions, somehow change something, we have a certain freedom of will.

In general, we are inside nature, and all of it is a creation, inside of which there is a force holding this entire system. This force is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Does God Exist?” 5/9/11

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