What Does the Universe Demand from Us?

712.03Question: Tsiolkovsky had a feeling that death does not exist. He wrote that the universe is unchangeable, boundless, and constant. He related to human life and all of development in the same way. He said that man was created in order to come to some kind of perfect, intelligent system, intelligent life.

What is this perfect stage to which we are being pushed?  Tsiolkovsky also said that at that moment, the path of suffering in the development of humanity will end.

Answer: Of course, indeed, this is the ascent above our egoistic nature when we unwillingly, whether we want it or not, act only in self interest.

And the universe demands a different state from us, equivalence with it, when all forces are balanced and complement each other.

Looking at the universe now, we see it egotistically: everyone grabs, devours, pulls, draws in, and consumes. It is I who see it this way.

And if I would look at everything correctly, I would see that everything is in absolute harmony. And then I would also be in harmony with everything that is happening, and would see a different universe undisturbed by my ego.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Will of the Universe” 28/11/10

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