Meet The Programmer Of The Universe

226Our world is an imprint of the upper world, but just an imprint. This word includes a lot of various nuances.

The fact is that in our world there is an imprint, that is, some kind of white background on a black background. There is something similar to the nature of the upper world, but all this is imprinted on the matter of our world.

The material world is purely egoistic, opposite to the highest. And we who exist as if between two worlds (the imprint and the original) are very complex creatures in structure and worldview. We do not know what to do with ourselves. Where to go? We do not know. Who controls us? We do not know. What is  on? We do not know. This is the state we are in.

Comment: Our sensory organs depict the reality we live in for us. We perceive smells and sounds and touch various objects. But, as you say, we do not really know what is outside. That is, our sensory organs, which send signals to the brain, can be affected by anything.

My Response: Of course. It may not be what we imagine. The main thing is what is already depicted in our brain.

Comment: Today, scientists who believe that people are beginning to master a new, virtual world in which they will increasingly immerse themselves, are talking about this out loud. This is what prompted David Chalmers, who wrote the book Reality+, to speculate that if we can create a virtual world that we go into, then did someone else of a higher order create it?

My Response: Naturally, we cannot prove anything here.

We exist in certain sensations that are depicted in our sensory organs, in the brain. To what extent this reality is objective or subjective, we cannot judge either. But the fact that our feelings are subjective is certain. And the fact that this reality can be objective is an open question. In general, nothing is clear to us about our world.

Question: Who is this so-called programmer that is pushing us to think of some higher Creator? What exactly did He come up with? What is His purpose? What should we achieve?

Answer: Our goal in this world is to really understand its programmer and find out why He created us and the surrounding space in such a way. Everything happens relative to us. So we do not know what is really going on. But why He programmed everything in this way and for what purpose, we should know this.

Kabbalah says that our most important and in general our only task is to reveal this programmer, His objective, goals, and methodology, discover and master.

What else do we need? If we could only find out who we are, what we are, where and how we exist, and what we live for, this will give us an answer to the question: What to do next? And so, we do not know. We see that our world is completely lost.

Question: How could someone with the ability to create such a reality come up with horrors in which we have lived and live?

Answer: It all depends on how you look at things. It is quite possible that the task of this great programmer, who created us to feel this supposedly existing universe, this great mind in which, in general, we exist, is to bring us to a state in which we feel lost, abandoned, and in absolute ignorance of where we are, for what and why, and eventually to want to know it.

We will have no other choice but to know the upper force that controls everything. I think we are moving toward this and are approaching quite quickly.
From KabTV’s “Virtual World” 2/9/22

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