Passover for the Whole World

294.3Comment: Passover is a great celebration of getting out of Egyptian slavery. It is celebrated by almost the whole country and all the Jews in the world.

This, of course, is also a family holiday; everyone gathers for a festive meal and everyone looks forward to it.
For those who are engaged in Kabbalah, Passover means that a person understands that he is in slavery, in his egoism, and he escapes from it.

My Response: Running from it is also not exactly running, because in Egypt—there was everything!

Everything that you can imagine that communism is in this world—it was there. Basically, they had everything arranged, the best lands, and just everything you want. And ahead, a dead desert, a dead sea, everything dead, everything is full of uncertainty. Nothing good! So, where is the Egyptian captivity and where are we going? That is the question.

All the work in Egypt is in order to depict that the whole desert is paradise. And everything in Egypt—everything good, you have absolutely everything you want—is really hell. Egypt is an egoistic fulfillment, and even more, everything you want.

It is about each of us. This is our Egypt. Everything is good in it, there is everything. All the pleasures of this world in all their details, in all their variations, please, take it.

No one wants to get out of there. Everyone, in general, is enjoying it. The only one who feels bad is the one who is not like them and who wants to get people out of there.

And who wants to pull them out? Moses. So, what good did he do? Because centuries after that, we only feel bad. There is nothing better than Egypt!

Comment: But it is said that we were slaves in Egypt.

My Response: Slaves, meaning that we were in our egoism, but we completely got everything we wanted.

Question: So why does a person suddenly want to get out of this fairy tale?

Answer: That is how he is built—man.

Question: Why does he suddenly hear Moses? Instead of listening, for example, to Pharaoh, who says: “Stay, I will provide you with everything, everything will be fine.” And Moses says: “We will go into the unknown, into the desert. Follow me.” Why did they follow him?

Answer: Apparently, Moses told the Creator that something should be done with them so that they would want to leave. Moses agreed with Pharaoh and with the Creator that there would be Egyptian plagues that would sweep through the Jews and from which they would want to escape. But if they had not been there, these plagues, they would not have run anywhere. And if they did not want to run, there would be no plagues.

Question: So, after all, the egg was first? At first they wanted to escape in some way?

Answer: I think it was Moses who agreed with the Creator: “Let’s arrange it so that they would want to follow me after all.”

Question: But still, you said that it was bad for Jews there because of these ten plagues. It was not easy for the Egyptians there either. It is written that the Egyptians suffered the most.

How is there to understand that the Egyptians suffered from ten Egyptian plagues?

Answer: It is the egoism of a person who wants to be freed. That is, to be subordinate without knowing to whom and how. But the main thing is to break out of this communism that has everything. Absolutely everything is in excess.

Question: And the Egyptians, it is this communism that exists inside us—precisely this egoism? They want to keep us and ask: “Why are you running from here? You feel so good here.” Something like this?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is this Passover holiday for the world? The Jews celebrate it corporeally, Israel celebrates it. But what is this holiday for the world?

Answer: It means liberation from Egyptian captivity, it is liberation from egoism, it is liberation of man from himself. I want to be controlled not by an egoistic quality that wants to acquire everything, to be filled with everything and only thinks about that—but to be controlled by an altruistic quality, when I want to connect with others, to fill others and not myself. That is the desire that arises. That is Moses in us.

And we become Jews when we hear Moses, when Moses is in us. And if not, then we are those same Egyptians.

Question: So we can say that there are only two nations in the world. In the spiritual world, there are two nations?

Answer: Yes. Either you are an Egyptian or you are Israeli. And there is nothing in the middle.

The Israelite is directed to the Creator, Yashar–El, straight to the Creator. And the Egyptian is directed toward himself.

Question: When you say that this celebration is for the world, the world must decide who it is today?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: And today, it is such a critical moment that this really should be resolved.

My Response: We do not even realize it yet. And the world does not realize where it is being led. It does not realize it at all!

Question: But can we say that Egyptian plagues are taking place around the world now?

Answer: Yes! Absolutely. There is such a wave all over the world.

Question: But maybe the world will still understand that it is necessary to escape?

Answer: It all depends on us how we show the world this path, the path of development, the path of connection, what lies ahead, what to strive for. Can we do it?

Comment: Do we have to present it so that it is pleasant, sweet, joyful for a person?

Answer: Sweet, pleasant, and necessary! It should not attract him because it is sweet. In Egypt as well, no one sees that it is sweet there.

But there is sweetness in freedom from egoism; that is, the feeling of slavery in Egypt is opposed to freedom from egoism outside Egypt. And a person must grow internally so much that this difference between the two states simply pulls him forward.

Question: So, today more than ever the world should hear that it is necessary to get out of egoism, out of Egypt?

Answer: Yes. We are stuck!

Question: It turns out that we got delayed a little bit in Egypt. And such things are happening now that push us out. Don’t we feel that we need to get out of it?

Answer: But we must set a course, we must understand, we must strive, we must pull everyone with us.

Question: When you say “we,” who do you mean?

Answer: I mean first of all those people who can understand and realize this, people who are striving forward, Yashar-El, Israel. And everyone else will follow them.

Question: It isn’t necessarily the Jews that are straight to the Creator?

Answer: The main mass, the initial mass are Jews, those who have already experienced, in the past, in their roots, a state of escaping egoism. And the rest will join Israel. There is absolutely no question about it. The whole point is to raise the Jews.

Question: What is your prayer today?

Answer: My prayer today is to fulfill the role of Moses. To pull out this head-part of all mankind called Israel, aspiring to the Creator, which in potential can aspire to the Creator. To pull it out of such a somnambulistic state and begin to excite them so that they themselves at least somehow make an effort, are concerned, and rise forward to the exit.

Question: In order for at least a thought to arise that it is necessary to get out of egoism? But first of all, you always say that egoism is bad. Or not?

Answer: Egoism is bad depending on how you measure it, weigh it, look at it, feel it, smell it, and taste it. But in fact, egoism is all that gives you taste, life.

And altruism, freedom, what is it? You go out into the field, and you do not know what, what for, why.

Moses, in principle, is not one person but a whole group of people who understand that the future lies in this—in getting out of egoism. How do we get out of it? We need to study this and start applying it among us. And every time we take every step, it is done again out of the darkness when we do not seem to feel any draw in egoism, we start trying to get out of it and find that it holds us by all the feelings, by everything! And you cannot escape from it anywhere.

And then just stick together and cry out.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/7/22

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