Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips, Independence Day

632.3Question: Do you personally celebrate Israel’s Independence Day?

Answer: I can feel it. I do not know what this holiday means at all. But I am glad that such an event took place.

Question: Do you have national pride?

Answer: For what? One has to do something to be proud.

Question: What feelings do you have when you look at Israeli society?

Answer: That this is a template for good deeds, but nothing more.

Question: How did your teacher feel about Independence Day?

Answer: He celebrated it within himself.

Question: There are a great number of ceremonies and events on this day. What would you suggest to the organizers?

Answer: To figure out what Independence Day is, what independence is, and how to reach and implement it.

Question: How can we make this day more significant? How can each person personally spend it with meaning?

Answer: To understand why we are given such a state. We have not yet reached independence to celebrate it. On the contrary, we depend on everyone and everything. How can we make ourselves independent? To do this, we must rise above ourselves and get closer to the Creator.

Question: Do you think people are ready for change?

Answer: Perhaps, people are not ready, but the time has come for that.

Question: What kind of future do you see in relations with the Arabs?

Answer: I think everything will end well. We will be able to come to a mutual understanding without bloody wars.

Question: When will Israel actually become independent?

Answer: It will be independent in corporeality once it becomes spiritually independent.

Question: What practical action would you recommend to everyone to come closer to this independence?

Answer: To rise above your egoism and try to get closer to others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/26/22

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