Bestowal—a Special Perception of the World

565.02Moses (the point in the heart of a person) was brought up by Pharaoh for forty years, then he ran away to Yitro, and only then, for forty years he was pulling the entire nation out of the slavery of egoism. It is the same in our state, when we begin to study Kabbalah, many years pass until we begin to understand what is happening to us.

Question: Did Moses live most of his life in egoism?

Answer: Yes, yet this is not just egoism but a preparation to get out of it. Moses symbolizes the force of faith, which pulls a person out of the ego.

Question: You always say that faith is bestowal. What does bestowal mean?

Answer: Bestowal is when a person feels that everything that is outside of his egoistic qualities are the correct qualities, and he must reach them.

That is, bestowal does not mean our usual understanding that a person should give something, but a special perception of the world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/19/22

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