What Does Nature Push Us To?

962.2The question of the purpose of life arises in a person because nature pushes us to this, its program, according to which, we must develop until we comprehend the entire volume of the universe and feel the framework of a common world that goes beyond this world, to wherever we feel ourselves today only in our animal hypostasis.

Today we are made up of inanimate, plant, and animal matter. And we have to go one step further.

We are just animals. As long as I exist, my physical body exists. That is, my “I” is included in this animal and lives in it.

And how can I pull this “I” up from my animal state and make it develop individually, separately from my animal, independently of it, so that even if this animal dies, my “I” remains? How can I tear off this “I” so that it exists independently? This, in principle, is the idea of ​​Kabbalah because in this case we have something to live for.

To tear off your “I” means to rise above your animal state so that it does not prevent you from existing independently. In our world, all sorts of theories have long been developed about how to suppress the body, practically kill it, destroy it with all sorts of suffering, torture, hunger strikes, meditations, etc.

Kabbalah is a special technique based on the fact that a person, along with this life and together with this body, must begin to feel a still and vast world in which his “I” exists above his body, independently of it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Theater of the Absurd” 7/18/10

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