Freud Had No Idea

559Comment: The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud argued that if a person asks about the meaning of life, it is a mental illness.

My Response: From the point of view of a psychoanalyst he is right because a person should live normally and peacefully in his animalistic state. Children, spouse, work, nature, this world, everything is created so that one would find their place in it.

All our impulses, good and not so good ones, both high and low, in principle, should arrange the world that surrounds a person. He must find himself in all this and balance it with all his flaws and opportunities in the environment, in the place, and in the era in which he lives.

Freud was coming from the fact that a person in our world, in general, is self-sufficient. The entire environment around him is designed by the Creator so that a person can reach the right rapport with himself, with nature, and with his inner self.

From Freud’s point of view, everything closes within the framework of our world and there is no need to look for anything else.

On one hand, he was right. Humanity has been moving in this direction for tens of thousands of years since we climbed down from the trees and began to develop as humans. In this regard, we have always found new horizons of development, new motivations in our world. Each generation set itself new tasks and new solutions for them.

In each generation, there was a constant reevaluation of values. Even in ancient Greek writings it was said that our world is not the same as it was before: everyone strives for freedom, children do not listen to their parents. That is, everything moves, everything changes.

Freud had no idea that the world would reach a state where even the most ordinary people would have a question about the meaning of life from within. He believed that a simple person acting within the framework of our world was self-sufficient.

Comment: I imagine the state of a person in whom the question of the meaning of life awakens. He may not always even realize what kind of question it is.

My Response: But this is already a post-Freudian person.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Is Frankl right?” 9/27/10

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