The Mechanism Of Ending The War

232.06Question: During war society is not only developing, but also regressing. Wounds that remain after the war take a very long time to heal. Is it possible somehow to expedite the process?

Answer: It all depends on how a person is aroused by the Creator through the system of higher forces and how one reacts to it. It can be fast or it can be slow, but, in principle, the process can be accelerated, it lends itself to acceleration.

Question: Can you describe how a third world war can take place on a spiritual level? Are these conflicts within my desires or in relationships between people?

Answer: I hope it will be a relationship between people. They will begin and end between people, and pass very quickly without manifesting in any actions of our world.

Question: You always answer the questions about how to stop the conflict that has begun and in the primary sources it is written: “Prayer.” How does it work? Is prayer my inner desire to end the war? How does it turn on some mechanisms in nature and the war stops?

Answer: You get included in the higher system and activate the middle line between the right and left, which averages and balances all the opposite lines. In this way you cause the quality of balance in nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/1/22

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