The Illusion Of Independence

198Question: Today it seems to us that it is me who decides and me who thinks. Does a person really decide anything?

Answer: No, a person doesn’t decide anything, one only executes.

But there is an illusion that I decide, I do things, and I act a certain way. Such ideas about one’s independence are characteristic of people,  but only because the whole universal system is concealed from us.

So who decides for me? Who is acting in my place? Why am I led to believe that it is supposedly me who thinks, I decide, I make? That is the problem.

This is needed for us to come out of our current state, rise above it and above the fact that we do not make decisions, we do not implement them ourselves.

Question: So in our current state, can we say that we don’t exist?

Answer: In our current state, we exist relative to ourselves. We exist, we must take this as a given, but only within the confines of our time-bound sensations. Therefore, the real mind has nothing to do with it.

Our mind is a vast system of general interconnection of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human natures of our world and all worlds, all other levels. All this is absolutely interconnected and obeys one single program, one thought, called the Creator or nature.

Question: What are the other worlds?

Answer: Other worlds are the possibilities of existence that we gradually come to as a result of our internal evolution when we finally begin to realize that our world, our existence is finite, faulty, and limited.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Dissenting Opinion” 8/29/10

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