Stick To The Creator

594Question: Question about the truth. Where is it?

Answer: Truth is the best state of creation because, with regards to creation, we can speak. The perfect state of creation can only be in full equivalence with the Creator.

If we take, for example, a foil and begin to apply it to some statue, then the full equivalence, the full form, the absolute form that the foil will take when it is completely dressed on the statue will be the truth, the verity. Such is its state.

Question: Does it mean that we, dressed on the Creator are the truth? Then, do I need to know what the Creator is?

Answer: Of course! What the Creator is. You do need to attain some element of the truth to measure everything relative to it.

Question: But what is it? What does it mean that I dress on Him?

Answer: To be dressed on the Creator means complete equivalence to the Creator. Relative to us, we cannot give this any other practical definition.

Question: What is the Creator?

Answer: The quality of bestowal and love emanating from my absolute egoism. It is when our complete egoism, precisely created by the Creator, is totally, to the full extent like the Creator.

Question: Does our egoism become material?

Answer: Yes, it becomes a foil dressed on the image of the Creator.

Question: Do I take my egoism and start sticking it on the Creator to become like Him?

Answer: Yes, part by part. In this way, you conclude that, in principle, this is the only thing you need.

Question: What does my egoism turn into? What does the foil turn into if it is stuck in such a way?

Answer: Into the form of the Creator. That is why you are called Adam—like the Creator. That is, this material from which you are created, you must put it on the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/7/22

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