The Way Truth Is Revealed

283.02Question: Why is pursuing the truth, even if it is wrong, restricted by censorship? Basically, the whole world is censored.

Answer: The whole world is a totally egoistic field only engaged in planting weeds at the level of still, vegetative, animate, and human, trying to create something out of them to conquer the world, win, defeat, and break it. It is natural. Our whole world is built on a completely different nature.

If some company creates a website where people would advocate an ideologically correct direction of human development, then, of course, they will have to come to Kabbalah.

Question: Could there be disputes and differing opinions?

Answer: Of course. There can be disputes in revealing the truth. But these are disputes not about who is right and who is wrong but what the truth is. The main thing is to have the correct ideology. It does not matter to me who is right or wrong. We need to find out the law of nature that is outside of you and outside of me. We scrutinize it, and we strive for it together.

Question: We know that Kabbalists of the past always had different opinions. Were these disputes aimed to identify a higher level?

Answer: Of course! They greatly encouraged the difference and variety of opinions. This is how truth is revealed. As it is said: “Truth is born in a dispute.” But not in disputes that are currently taking place in parliaments of different countries.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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