The Brain Is The Thought That Fills The Entire Universe

765.1Comment: “Do I think or does someone think for me? Do I live or does someone control me?” Such are the questions asked by many scientists.

Today, the hypothesis that consciousness exists independently of the brain is defended by modern Dutch physiologists, who believe that thinking matter does not exist at all. And British scientists argue that the brain, like any other organ, consists of cells and is not capable of thinking. It works like a device that only detects thoughts.

In 1935, a baby was born in New York, who lived for 27 days, cried, behaved like all newborns, and only after his death, pathologists found that he had no brain at all. How is this possible?

My Response: We do not know what the brain is. We do not know where it is located. In practice, it spreads throughout the body, because each cell must know what to do and how to interact with the whole organism.

The body is a mechanism that must receive signals, implement them, and give a response, a response about execution. That is, the brain should be practically everywhere in every cell, at every point.

The brain is a field that exists in us, around us. You can’t even say “in or around us” because this is a completely different reality, a different dimension. It is the thought that fills and surrounds the entire universe, the entire universe.

Even astrophysicists and astronomers say that our universe is a thought. They feel that in the conversation of the stars, in the entire vast volume of the universe, in the accumulation of seemingly completely dead bodies, there is a thought, a melody, a transmission of huge information about the past, present, and future, and not at the level of inanimate masses, but at a completely different internal level, which, unfortunately, we do not cover, do not understand.

Therefore, all our attempts to understand the work of the brain, in principle, do not lead to great success because the brain is an executive part. It is what catches the surrounding signals, interacts with them and converts them into some very external, very primitive instructions to our body. No more.

We are beings completely unknowable to ourselves, we do not know ourselves. We just feel our body, and who we really are, we do not know.

Moreover, we do not know the system that controls us and binds us together into one single control force. The brain is there.

Question: Where do all the signals come from?

Answer: What does “come” mean? We are in this system, in the same volume. And we feel ourselves in the form of an animal, a material body, with its executive part, which includes our brain.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Dissenting Opinion” 8/29/10

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