A Big Child

204Question: Why is there always a sense that a man is looking for a mother in a woman?

Answer: Because he always remains a child. Even if he develops industry, technology, science, art, and so on, he is always guided by his fantasy, which is like a child’s fantasy. Men even become better chefs and cooks than women. And this is how it is with everything. Precisely due to the fact that man remains a child.

There is no reproductive function in a man. He does not give birth to the next degree, which represents a new generation in our world or a spiritual degree in the upper world. To do this, he needs a female part. Only through her can he realize himself.

A woman takes semen from him, either his spiritual or his biological part, and develops it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Siamese Twins” 9/19/10

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