When Gold Is Devalued

547.05Question: In 2020, gold was becoming cheaper, but it was the beginning of a pandemic so people were not up to buying it.

But in 2021, prices suddenly shot up and today the price of gold has reached 30-year record high. People are actively buying physical gold in the form of bars, coins, and jewelry.

I want to ask you, as a Kabbalist, what is it about gold? After all, it is all about beautifying…

Answer: Beautifying the ego!

We just want to put our efforts into some kind of material objects that are immutable, that won’t disappear or decay, that won’t rust

Question: What is gold on a spiritual level?

Answer: It’s egoism in its purest form. Gold relates to Keter, and silver relates to Bina.

Question: Can you explain it in a simple way?

Answer: When true egoism is corrected, it is represented by gold, and when it is on the way to correction—in other words, halfway toward correction—it is silver, Bina and Keter.

Question: Let us proceed from the fact that the spiritual affects us one way or another. We are branches, while the roots of everything are spiritual. But then what about gold?

Answer: It remains.

Question: Nothing can replace it?

Answer: No.

Question: Even in times of hunger? Even when there is no bread?

Answer: No. When there’s no bread, then no. But once we start adding something to bread, gold immediately begins to appear. It is made for the living.

Question: This means that when we talk about necessities, we are talking about bread. But what about when we talk about our world, the world of excess?

Answer: “People die for metal.”

Question: What conclusion do you draw from all this?

Answer: My conclusion is very simple: as long as egoism rules, gold will be the universal, global equivalent of these egoistic forces. But once people trade their egos for good connections between them, gold will simply be equated to an ordinary metal, a regular material, and will no longer be used for trade. Only the value of bestowal to each other will be used as a measure for trading. This is a completely different material.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/3/22

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