Mutual Agreement

610.2Question: Any agreement implies the participation of two parties. Let’s say I commit to do something, and the Creator also commits. What is He obliged to do in this agreement?

Answer: The Creator obliges Himself to respond to all our appeals for correction. And if we commit ourselves to asking Him to improve us in order to achieve equivalence of form to Him, then we oblige Him to help us. This is a mutual agreement.

Question: Is the whole job basically for me to understand the need for my correction and ask the Creator about it, and then the Creator is obliged to fulfill this request if it is correct?

Answer: Yes. This is the union (Brit) that was established by the first Kabbalists, Abraham and his successors. Generally, it comes from Adam.

Question: Do we make such an agreement at all 125 degrees?

Answer: It is as if we are extending it, raising it to the level of the degree that we have attained. If I have corrected myself to some extent, then this is forever, there is no turning back.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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