The Judges Within A Person

560Question: You say that in one’s desires a person needs to create an  analytical control system that activates the executive system. What is this control system?

Answer: In principle, we always act in such a way that first we feel some impulses in the heart and, in accordance with this, some thoughts in the mind, then we move on to the real embodiment, to the realization of our thoughts and feelings.

When desires arise in a person, he must first analyze them, and then judge, which means, to check his intention, and only then fill these desires.

He must develop such strength in himself so that he can constantly check why he is doing certain actions, what is guiding him. This is called the judges within the person.

Question: Do we judge ourselves, each other, and the Creator all the time? It is even said that everyone judges others according to the measure of his own faults, his egoism. Do I always evaluate my neighbor relative to myself?

Answer: Only relative to yourself. A person evaluates another depending on his own qualities: good—good, bad—bad. He can even justify the other. Mostly, of course, he will evaluate the other poorly, as his uncorrected egoism makes him do so.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/11/22

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