From Physical Contact To The Field Of Sensations

962.6Question: For the past two years, your community of students who study the method of Kabbalah practically has not met physically. You conduct your classes remotely. In fact, you live in a kind of virtual community in which, nevertheless, there are real connections, a real opportunity to change yourself and the community.

How do you feel about it? Have the bonds between your students become weaker or do they remain the same?

Answer: Our ties have become stronger, they are being reshaped and becoming more virtual, and at the same time more obvious.

It is not virtuality, in the sense that we must imagine something for ourselves. We are increasingly refusing some physical contacts accepted in our world and transferring them to the realm of sensations. They bring us to a state where we really understand that the most important thing is the matter given to us in sensation.

Question: Where is freewill here?

Answer: Freewill is here as much as you want! After all, when a person is not constrained by any earthly circumstances—mechanical movements and other tools, he becomes virtual. It shows only his desire. If he wants to be in touch with you, he goes out. If he does not, he shuts himself in, and you no longer see him, you do not hear him, and you do not know him. He can change his ID and that is it, he does not exist for you, he has evaporated from your world.

Therefore, we begin to feel that it is each new circumstance, for example, with a virus and other opportunities, that helps us approach a new world.
From KabTV’s “Virtual World” 2/9/22

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