Above The Signs Of The Zodiac

294.3It is said in the Torah that people striving for the likeness of the Creator are higher than the stars and signs of the zodiac. They are not affected by any signs of happiness or unhappiness, divination, witchcraft, or everything else.

Question: If the Creator is good who does good, then why does He give this power only to certain people?

Answer: He gives it to everyone! But only the one who takes upon himself the task of becoming similar to the Creator can overcome all other forces and aspire only to merge with Him. Even the powers of magic and witchcraft are given to individual people precisely so that they overcome them and use them correctly.

Question: It turns out that if a person tells fortunes or conjures, does he harm himself by this?

Answer: Of course. To the extent that he does not use the powers given to him to draw closer to the Creator through the fact that he does good for all people, he aggravates his condition.

Comment: There is also such a phenomenon as Pulsa deNura when a group of people tries to concentrate evil on a certain person. This phenomenon is still associated with Kabbalah.

Answer: No, this is nonsense. On the contrary, in Kabbalah it is called “Avoda Zara,” “work alien to us.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/1/22

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