Attaining The Source Of Existence

527.04The wisdom that one should know: to know and to observe the secret of his Master … (Zohar for All, Song of Songs, 482-483).

Question: What secrets does the Creator have?

Answer: The Creator has no secrets, all secrets are in us. If we connect with each other better and better so that any inner distance disappears between us altogether, then we reveal the universe more and more. This is what The Book of Zohar talks about.

He needs … to know himself, to know who he is, how he was created, where he comes from and where he is going, how the body is corrected, and how he will be judged by the King of All.

By the body we mean the egoism of a person. And our physical body does not belong to the level of a human, but to the level of an animal.

The trial means that a person must reach a state where he can soberly assess his actions, correctly understand them, and judge himself.

To know and to observe the secret of the soul. What is the soul within him? Where does it come from, and why does it come into this body, which is a foul drop that is here today, and in the grave tomorrow?

A person must attain the source of his existence, where he comes from, and what he is here for.

To know the world one is in, and for what will the world be corrected; to gaze upon the sublime secrets of the Upper World, and to know one’s Master. And one observes all that from within the secrets of the Torah.

These are the tasks of The Book of Zohar.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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